The merchants of cool

Since a lot of advertisers focus on a youth market, do you find that people growing out of that age group are lost then? I think for a while, MTV News was interesting. The Gap had a campaign where they put graffiti all over their own store windows to look like WTO protestors.

MTV was developed as a way to advertise music. The thought that the year-old kid sitting next to you at the bus stop next time could be a walking, talking endorsement is truly repulsive.

And year-old girls dressing not unlike Vegas hookers would have dressed 10 years ago, all while flaunting a sexuality that they do not yet understand is not only "cool," but perfectly acceptable in most The merchants of cool circles.

The true job of youth culture is to turn over the soil. There was for a moment this sort of independent film culture with Mirimax and New Line.

Do you think that other forms such as radio or movies factor in these discussions involving media and youth? The art of teen marketing Douglas Rushkoff interview by David Manning March On the subway, a young woman was laughing loudly to herself. Have you seen this happen?

This movie shows you exactly how MTV and their ilk were able to turn teenage rebellion into a profitable industry in corporate America. The PBS program Merchants of Cool studied this phenomenon, trying to understand who are the players behind this as well as looking at how they work and what effect this will have on popular culture.

The Merchants of Cool

I think the best thing would be to get kids with camcorders to share what life is really like. Girls who grew up with Britney Spears and such do not dress "sexy" because they want to flaunt their sexuality, but because essentially it is what most visible females of this faux-counter culture dress like.

Dozens of youth oriented companies in the U. This documentary did not stop there, though. I had pimples and now where is it? They put together the image for the teens now so that they could spoon-feed them.

And like MTV was- there was a time when it was freaky and there were somewhat counter-cultural things on there. One of the things that was certainly great about it was that it had no programs.

These kind of things emerge from teen and college-age culture. Teenagers, by manipulating the marketers, are going to start creating culture again. I hate to blame anything on the teens themselves. It depends on the teen.

It was originally that one company could only own six stations in a town. Even in a mind-your-own-business climate like New York, you see people doing this in public now and then. So we started a market exclusively to to age person. I think this is interesting because this is going to be the next phase of teen creativity.

So it could be interesting. I want to fuck so bad and I look really stupid. You see that with the environmental movement, the psychedelic movement, the anti-war movement.

This proved to be a rather sobering expose of the world of commercial marketing to teens. What was unusual this time was that she decided to engage anyone in earshot in conversation.

Little tweaks are starting. The movie sheds insightful light on the process of setting trends. Is that a real concern? What you end up with is the same sort of filter that WalMart uses or anyone else uses. Your teens is when it happens.In "The Merchants of Cool," FRONTLINE introduces viewers to the "mook" and the "midriff" -- the stock characters that MTV and others have resorted to in order to hook the teen consumer.

Home page of Merchants Of Cool, a rock group from New England. A TRIBUTE TO BAD COMPANY / FOREIGNER.

Bad Company In Concert: Merchants Of Cool We receive various CDs from the radio cores that we remanufacture. As a result, we are are now selling them! Our CDs are professionally resurfaced and are guaranteed to work or your money back!/5(21). The Merchants of Cool. FRONTLINE journeys into the world of the marketers of popular culture to teenagers.

They spend their days sifting through reams of market research data. Feb 27,  · According to "The Merchants of Cool", music, television programs, and movies are rarely made by singular artists who have a vision.

They are contrived packaged products assembled by committees in board rooms at the behest of the large media corporations.8/10(). This item: Frontline: The Merchants of Cool.

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The merchants of cool
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