The abuse of circus elephants essay

These elephants are preconditioned to enclosed environments and human interactions. The increasing number of exposes and reports by animal advocacy groups have brought attention to animal abuse in China and aided in the creation of bans such as the one mentioned above.

There is a lot of cruelty that is hiding behind the tent curtains of circuses. The first purchase and exhibition of an elephant in the United States occurred in The United Kingdom did not pass an official animal welfare law until Although the Chinese ban on animal performances in zoos and safari parks is a step in the right direction, it does not protect animals in circuses.

At the moment China does not have any type of national animal protection law. This statement neglects the other components of the Animal Welfare Act.

The modern indoor-circular circus has European roots dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. It is important to emphasize that elephants are wild animals.

Negative reinforcement uses punishment as a deterrent for undesired behaviors. Putting these problems aside, China is making some progress in terms of animal welfare.

The purpose of this essay is to not only point out these cruelties, but to discuss how we can change the fate of elephants in circuses worldwide. Until recently, the AWA has not mentioned anything about the use of bull hooks on elephants.

In the Ringling Bros. Elephants are regarded as highly intelligent and social animals. This is a small, but notable win for elephant welfare on the federal level.

PSD may explain events in which elephants have lashed out and harmed their trainers or people in the audience.

In the beginning ofthe Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in China put a ban on all animal acts in zoos and wildlife parks. No matter how much training or conditioning an elephant receives, it still has wild tendencies and instincts.

Elephants reappeared in English entertainment in early Entertainment is not a valid excuse for animal abuse. Ringling Bros has more noticeably sparked action by local governments. Animal cruelty may not be a priority for someone who lacks food, clean water, and shelter. This is an overall amazing place for rescued elephants and is for them to live just like they would in the wild.

Confinement and isolation is a serious elephant welfare concern. Bull hooks are tools used as negative enforcers. They eventually gave her paint brushes and she would enjoy painting and sticking her trunk in the paint and blowing it everywhere, but each piece of artwork was never finished until she added her very distinctive signature.

Elephantidae is the familial classification of elephants. Many of the first elephants imported to this country did not live long. An Elephant in the Room: Emotions allow elephants to form closer bonds and to communicate with each other on a greater level.

The following essay will introduce elephants and their plight as a species, but will focus on the suffering of circus elephants.

In terms of species status, the African elephant is listed as threatened and the Asian elephant as endangered. Many contemporary circuses are revolutionizing circus tradition by focusing less on animal exhibition and animal acts.

These hooks tear at an elephants delicate skin, causing them much pain. If the AWA was amended to include a mental wellbeing component, it is likely that a federal ban on elephants would follow.Circus Animals Essay - Describe the Essay Topic This essay proposes to investigate the ethics of training, and subsequently utilising, circus animals for the purpose of human entertainment.

Therefore, the essay will respond to the question “what moral or ethical obligations do humans have in respect of other animals. In the Ringling Bros.

circus, elephants are beaten, hit, poked, prodded, and jabbed with sharp hooks, sometimes until bloody. Ringling breaks the spirit of elephants when they’re vulnerable babies who should still be with their mothers. The following essay will introduce elephants and their plight as a species, but will focus on the suffering of circus elephants.

Circuses are major culprits of elephant exploitation. Elephants in circuses are not cared for properly and often experience abuse.

Elephant Cruelty

Ethical Obligations To Circus Animals Essay. using animals for the purpose of human entertainment has long since been a divisive, polarising issue, and one to which there is no clearly defined solution. Circus Animal Abuse Words | 4 Pages. Thousands of circus animals around the world are abused every day.

Their cries for mercy cannot be heard by the people due to the fact that animals do not speak human languages. People go to circuses and are amazed by the tricks and routines that the Animals perform.

At a circus encampment, elephants and other animals are allowed very limited room to move around when they are let out of their small cramped cages. Animals in the circus get some exercise from training periods and brief appearances in .

The abuse of circus elephants essay
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