Royal mail resistance to change

Our central concern was to ensure it flourished. But there are obstacles. Managers must drive through modernisation: The country has a chance now to reverse the decline — but it will require bold action from all parties.

Industrial relations are exacerbated by the constant arguments surrounding the nature of the Royal Mail. Everyone involved in the service — government, unions, management, and regulators — has contributed to its relative decline. Britain once had a world-class postal service.

Our remit was clear: As a result, the survival of the universal postal service is seriously threatened. Without it there would be little chance of survival for the universal postal service.

It harms shareholders the taxpayers who will have to find yet more money to keep the Royal Mail in business.

Is it a commercial venture which has a strong and regulated public service obligation? It harms the customers, each and every one of us.

The universal postal service involves six-day collection and delivery from 12, post offices andred post boxes to 28 million homes and businesses, at prices which are independent of distance. The key is for the Royal Mail to modernise: We found little evidence that it could.

For a range of reasons, it has proved very difficult to get the improvement of industrial relations which would then allow modernisation to accelerate, thus ensuring the health of the universal postal service.

It harms employees since it accelerates the decline of the business that pays their wages. Modernised postal operators around the world told us firmly that it is very difficult to achieve modernisation if there is constant political intervention in their commercial management.

Postal workers' union vows to step up resistance to Royal Mail privatisation

Everyone, including the Communications Workers Unionagreed with us that in order to maintain the universal postal service, the Royal Mail had to accelerate urgently its modernisation plans. This is the moment to do the right thing. Or is it a public service with some commercial trappings?

The government commissioned a year-long independent review of the postal services. Unless, of course, the taxpayer was willing to pump in yet more billions of pounds. The Royal Mail is embarrassingly near the bottom of the premier league of European postal operators by measures of efficiency, such as levels of automation.

Share via Email The Royal Mail strike is extremely damaging. Given the irreversible liberalisation of the postal market across Europe, and the ever-greater competitive impact of the internet and mobile phone industries, we came to the conclusion that the Royal Mail had no choice but to be more commercial.This report has been conducted to investigate and critically evaluate the modernisation of the Royal Mail.

Articles on Resistance to Change

In doing so it will analyze the organisation Fair Use Policy; (management) and those opposing it (employees and their representatives). To effectively manage employee resistance to change at the Royal Mail, a number of solutions can. Royal Mail Group - Royal Mail, Post Office, Parcelforce Some examples of the union’s resistance to modernisation include: has recently made clear his view that the union are "essentially boycotting the agreed processes for making change in the Royal Mail" and that the union must change its attitude to change and implement the Apr 11,  · Royal Mail has quite a lot of case study material about mangeing change (privitisation, technology, people switching to email, etc).

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report represents factual components and the nature of change appreciated by Royal Mail group in light to meet modernidsation requirements.5/5(1).

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Royal mail resistance to change
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