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During this period, numerous prisoners of war who happened to be of German and Italian nationality were housed on American military bases and were forced Prison comparison contrast paper provide prison labor. As a result, the cost of running the prison by the government was reduced while, at the same time, income per inmate was earned.

A somewhat foreseeable result of this growth has been the evolution of prison labor. Up until the 19th century, prison systems were not common.

Prison Comparison and Contrast essay

Mass imprisonment is deeply rooted in humanity to the extent that we do not recognize offenders who are racists or sexists. Generally, corporal punishment was most often reserved for the lower classes, since those with means were able to most fines levied against them.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Haslam, During World War II, the United States created prisoner of war camps at the request of the British allies who were unable to house large number of captives. Consequently, this system became overwhelmed with corruption and prison escapes, which were common.

Due to this aspect, this system was termed as a means of suppressing African Americans. The penitentiary system in the United Stated has as its primary goal of detaining, housing and punishing individuals who have been convicted of felony crimes.

Prior to the enlightened Quakers entry into the penal system, criminals were abused at the hands of both formal and informal governments.

Compare and Contrast Federal and State Prisons

Thus, the wardens are saved the burden of monitoring the prisoners. Evidently, boredom is a motivator to prisoners to consider escaping. Although there seemed to be less rigidity than that of the Pennsylvania system, rules were strictly enforced.

Jane is similar to Alice in these ways Alice is distinct because… Piecing: The current prison system addresses the issue of rehabilitation more than punishment as viewed in the World War II prisons, due to the varying nature of criminal offenses. Working hours are clearly defined and convicts are expected to comply with prison policy.

Organizing Your Compare and Contrast Paper There are two primary ways to organize your compare and contrast paper. Texas Studies In Literature and Language, Prisoners were afforded the opportunity to interact with each other while working and they were also allowed to eat meals together.

Haslam, The New York system, which was implemented at Auburn, is similar to the Pennsylvania system but markedly differs in that prisoners are allowed to form bonds with other prisoners. Hattery, Works Cited Haslam, J.

Under the Pennsylvania system, prisoners are housed in individual cells. We all know that horses are larger than cats. Private companies are usually given contracts by the Federal to build, run and maintain new facilities.

Prisoners are required to engage in unpaid laborious service for as long as he or she is housed in the government run institution. The Pennsylvania and the New York penitentiary systems form the basis are penitentiary systems in the United States.

Prisoners throughout the country work in numerous manufacturing and service industries. Current privatization is extremely dissimilar from the previous one employed by the past generations. Ram indicates that being an employed prisoner is much better than being jobless.

The state and local authorities pay firms and legal, private companies to house and provide care to prisoners in a humanely manner and provide high-class services in public prisons.

Under this model, socialization and relationships were not seen as an enemy of punishment; instead, relationships and socialization were seen as that which was inevitable. It would be better to write about how sensitive both horses and cats are to human needs and emotions. For instance, it is considered cheap when prisoners provide the labor.Up until the 19th century, prison systems were not common.

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Jails and Prisons Comparison Essay. Professor Jeff Newsome Federal Prison Comparison Paper In society today there are more criminals in the boundaries of the state prison system than there are in the federal prison system.

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics () the United States state prison system has 1, within. Minimum security level is also identified as Federal Prison Camps and is used for prisoners who committed less severe offenses JAIL AND PRISONS COMPARISON PAPER 4 or prisoners who are practically finishing their time in prison.

Aug 12,  · Prison Population Essay. Prison Systems Comparison Essay Alexa Werstiuk CJA/ Introduction State Prison History The state prisons today were founded on the basis of the s to ’s during the Age of Enlightenment. Compare and contrast India and China's population; Aging Population.

Federal Prison Comparison Rev. Wesley Crawford Criminal Justice Administration/ November 12, Professor Jeff Newsome Federal Prison Comparison Paper In society today there are more criminals in the boundaries of the state prison system than there are in the federal prison system.

Prison comparison contrast paper
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