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This option is preferred by many pet owners, because they enjoy visiting the cemetery with other pets and family members. We can write a custom service or guide you as you Peaceful pastures one.

Advanced Planning for Pet Cremation Services We find that pet owners who plan ahead are comforted by our pre-planning services during what is a very difficult time. At Peaceful Pastures, we offer cremation services that can be arranged Peaceful pastures with special funeral or memorial arrangements.

Owners can also place the urn in a niche in a columbarium at Peaceful Pastures, and then visit their pet at any time. Families often have a short visitation with their pet before the cremation takes place.

We answer our phones 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can also bring your pet to us.

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We will respond right away and are happy to talk to you and discuss Peaceful pastures options. Whether or not your choose us, this section will help you to decide which factors are most important to you. Because pets are family, Peaceful Pastures offers the same options for funeral and memorial arrangements that are available to humans.

Our cemetery, within the rolling hills of the southern Pittsburgh area, welcomes all visitors. While burial is a popular option, cremation is another choice that many pet parents find comforting. When deciding on a funeral home, you and your family want to be sure that its service, merchandise and support selections are of the highest quality.

Pet Cemetery Peaceful Pastures Pet Cemetery When a beloved pet dies, pet owners now often choose pet cremation as an alternative to burial. Private or partitioned cremation: We will work with you so that you can make important decisions ahead of time, including: Larger Animal Cremation Peaceful Pastures can also help you arrange cremation for larger animals, such as a horse.

Once you are sure of what will best serve you and your family, the choice of funeral home will become clear. We provide the same superior assistance to all of our families, regardless of the type of funeral, cremation, memorial, cemetery or pet service they choose.

Peaceful Pastures will help you plan and arrange a pet cremation.Peaceful Pastures is here to help you with your needs after the loss of a pet. Please call us with any questions you may have whether it is after loss of a pet or in planning for that time when your pet moves on.

Peaceful Pastures is an all natural, grass based, non confinement acre farm producing the finest beef, pork, lamb,goat, chicken, duck and turkey.

Burial and cremation services provided by a caring staff for all pets - birds, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and other pet companions.

Whether you’re offering sorrow, joy, peace, or hope, let peaceful pastures say the words for you. With a calm landscape and relevant Scripture, each. When a beloved pet dies, pet owners now often choose pet cremation as an alternative to burial.

Peaceful Pastures All Natural, Humanely Raised Meats

At Peaceful Pastures, we offer cremation services that can be arranged along with special funeral or memorial arrangements. Welcome to Peaceful Pastures Farm where we specialize in spotted, dappled and black Boer goats. We love what we do and hope it shows! Our ABGA registered fullblood herd offers varying and outstanding genetics from across the USA.

We offer top quality stock for breeding and show that is only superceeded by our passion to secure our herds bio.

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Peaceful pastures
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