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Microbiology Virtual Lab II To study the biochemical properties of microorganisms, the various techniques employed in cultivation of fungi and viruses along with the molecular level Mitotic index lab report of microbial genome. Interphase consist of G1 growth phase or gapS synthesis phase and G2 second growth phase or gap Mitotic index lab report then followed by mitosis.

The duration of each stage of mitosis has been recorded and the data see table below could be used to compare the observed frequencies of the different stages as recorded by students. Glass rod for crushing root tips This virtual lab is an introductory course for undergraduate students and deals with the storage and retrieval of data from different biological databases like Gene, Pubmed, GEO, TAIR, Prosite etc.

Set up some roots to sprout 10 days before use, some 5 days before use, some 2 and some 1 day before use so that students can compare the rate of mitosis in young and older root tips. Motion results from a combination of kinetochore movement along the spindle microtubules and through the physical interaction of polar microtubules.

The use of toluidine is to stain nuclei of the cells.

Investigating mitosis in allium root tip squash

Lab II focuses on applied principles of population ecology for PG students. This lab complements some of the exercises in the Virtual Neurophysiology lab.

Two identical daughter cells are produced after the mitosis process has been completed, they are identical with the parent cell. Mitotic index lab report links between the cellulose walls of plant cells are broken down by the treatment with hydrochloric acid.

The formation of microtubules kinetochore, aster and polar. Put in a small volume of ethanoic acid on a watchglass or other shallow dish for 10 minutes. Can you see the spindle in any cells? Increase in cell organelles mitochondrion, Golgi body and endoplasmic reticulum also increase in size of nucleus.

Population ecology Virtual Lab I A population is a collection of individuals of the same species that live together in a region.

The accuracy of this experiment depended on the sample size because it is dealing with cells. Hydrochloric acid is used in experiment to react with the calcium pectate contained in the middle lamella and break the bond between cells. Some of the daughter cells remain meristematic; others cease dividing and become differentiated into appropriate cell types depending on their position.

Conclusion In conclusion, this experiment was successful. Also, It would be harder to find the phases that were rarer than Interphase. Mitosis in prepared slide 1. In this stage in which genetic materials are synthesize. Leave overnight, then filter and store in a tightly-stoppered dark bottle.

The onion root tips occurs the mitosis process. Results The picture of the Onion root tip contains more than twice as many cells as the whitefish blastula, so my results contain 2 fields of Onion root tip and 1 field of Whitefish Blastula.

By adding HCL to the material is also "killing" the components of the cell so it makes it easier to fixate the material on the microscope slide.

Studies based on models of predation, competition as seen in interacting species is the main focus this simulation oriented lab.

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Alliums with sprouting roots — garlic is often recommended, or onions Note 1 Ethanoic alcohol in dropper bottles — 3: Ethano-orcein stain contains ethanoic acid and also requires you to wear goggles when it is dispensed.

Introduction Mitosis is a cellular process that replicates chromosomes and produces two identical nuclei in preparation for cell division.

Mitosis in onion root tips 1. Individual chromosomes as tightly-coiled threads are visible during anaphase. Firstly, we soften the root so that the cells can be separated and flattened, thus making it possible to see the chromosome, nuclei, spindle and other cell parts.

Hazcard 47A recommends eye protection when working with hydrochloric acid at 1.

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The mitotic index is calculated like this: The total number of cells in mitosis would have been lower, thus lowering the sample size.

You should wear eye protection when handling hot hydrochloric acid. The experiments included in Biochemistry Virtual Lab I are fundamental in nature, dealing with the identification and classification of various carbohydrates, acid-base titrations of amino acids, isolation of proteins from their natural sources, etc.

Do you observe more cells in mitotic stages than you observed in the untreated root tips?Jan 14,  · Mitosis Lab Report January 14, mattbiowong 1 Comment. Introduction and Objective. In Mr. Wong’s 7th period bio-honors class, we did a lab experiment on the processes of mitosis and the different phases as seen under a microscope.

The objective of this experiment was to calculate the percentage of cells. The mitotic index in question K was determined to be and taken from the stem.

Discussion- The results showed that the further away from the root the less the mitotic index is. From this lab we learned about the different. Some practitioners report that cutting the root tips around noon makes a difference to the mitotic index, so you may want your technician to cut and ‘fix’ the tips in ethanoic alcohol rather than ask your students to carry out this step.

The mitotic index using toluldine blue stain is which suggest that only % of the cells in our view were undergoing mitosis and the rest are still in interphase. The percentage of cells in each stage is related to the length of time a cell spends in each stage of mitosis. Mitotic index decreases with increasing distance from root tip.

That means gradual decrease in cell division as it moves from the zone of cell division to the zone of cell elongation. The meristematic region in the root tip is the actively growing region and thus the mitotic index is high. Lab Report - Mitosis in garlic root tips Principles of Biology 19/10/ All apparatus needed were brought to the lab bench.

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Mitotic index lab report
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