Minors and birth control essay

In keeping with position papers and statements of professional organizations, health care providers may wish to educate parents about the likelihood of adverse consequences eg, increased rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and the improbability of positive consequences eg, youth choosing abstinence.

These sample characteristics increase the extent to which findings may reflect views of the larger population of parents of adolescents aged 13 to 17 years within these 2 Minors and birth control essay. Mauldon, Jane and Kristin Luker.

Likewise, each additional exception endorsed was associated with lower odds of supporting PNLs OR, 0. Rosen Publishing Group, If young females had a parent there to recognize these problems with them these statistics may drop in not only pregnancies, but STDs and maybe cancer as well.

Lack of respect for one another breaks solidarity that exists in a society. Most parents who completed this survey, like the girls in the study by Reddy and colleagues, 12 anticipated declines or delays in clinic visits, along with increases in unprotected intercourse and use of nonprescription birth control methods, should clinics be required to notify parents before providing contraceptive services.

In such cases, the medical ethics of privacy and autonomy is still violated.

Teenagers and Sex: Should Birth Control Be Readily Available

I believe that you should have your parents consent for getting birth control until you are at least an adult. While in the past, the biggest concern associated with sex was teenage pregnancy, parents now need to realize that contraception in the form of condoms can also protect against STDs Sexually Transmitted Diseases and can stop the spread of AIDS.

Minors and Contraceptives

That is why most people go to Planned Parenthood. Of course, allowing minors to access contraceptives would increase their participation in sexual matters and thus increasing chances of conducting abortion.

Teenagers should also be allowed to obtain birth control devices without parental consent in order to practice safe sex. More essays like this: Alternately, different wordings in each question eg, use of the word law in 2 of 3 items may also mean that items were tapping into slightly different constructs.

Paul, Minnesota the seven area high schools are currently dispensing, and have been for the past year, Birth Control Pills directly to some of their female students St.

Contraception/ Teenage Birth Control Rights term paper 10296

For example, although parents might want their teenager to have access to contraceptives unencumbered by the need to obtain assurance of parental notification, they also might favor policies that they believe would facilitate communication with their adolescent, such as PNLs.

Among these reasons are the number and effects of teenage pregnancy, the right to privacy and living a disease free life.

Teens Getting Birth Control Without Parental Consent Essay Sample

Although my personal views may conflict in this case, I will not let that derail me from the overall well-being of my patients. Approximately half believe that, overall, PNLs are a good idea.

This issue is not simply going to die and go away. House of Representatives in October of Retrieved February 3, from http: We reported the proportion of parents giving each response for the 3 PNL items, each perceived consequence, and each possible exception.

Most parents also favored waiving parental notification if an adolescent was at risk of harm from the parent Health care providers physicians, nurses, etc and professional organizations have been clear in their support for confidential health care for minors seeking reproductive services.Essay about Should Teens Have Parental Consent to Receive Birth Control?

Words 4 Pages As we see in the world today many teens are becoming mothers before they finish high school or before they turn In your opinion, is this a good idea, a bad idea, or neither a good nor a bad idea [question A]?” “A parent notification law might be like this: When a minor teen requests birth control from a clinic, the clinic would need to send a certified letter to the teen’s parents.

Birth Control for Minors Essay Sample

Birth Control: With or Without Parental Control Essay; Birth Control: With or Without Parental Control Essay. Words 4 Pages. Within the pro-choice world there are many issues that are discussed like abortion, the instant where life begins and the use of contraceptives.

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The medical field has made available various methods of birth control leaving people with opportunity to make choices.

of contraceptives for minors can argue that use of contraceptives lead to reduced cases of unwanted pregnancies among minors.

Although ststistics shows that birth rates .

Minors and birth control essay
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