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The Film underscores the importance of fatherhood Chris Willman of Entertainment Weekly gave the movie a Fireproof movie C ," and said that, "the conversion subplot feels shoehorned into the more crucial marital doings, as if coming to Jesus might be just one of a long checklist of steps to restore Fireproof movie to your marriage, right between buying roses and preparing a candlelit dinner.

Never leave your partner behind. But, after seven years of marriage to his wife Catherine, their own relationship is failing. The lead roles in the film are played by Alex Kendrick and Ken Bevel, both of whom have appeared in past Sherwood productions.

Critical reception[ edit ] The film received negative reviews from critics. Kevin Downes, who has appeared in various other films, played the role of Shane Fuller.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Neither one understands the pressures the other faces. I am happily giving Courageous 4.

Holz of Focus on the Family Plugged In Online said Courageous has "A compelling story line with plenty of action and just the right amount of humor. Jim Bob Duggar and seven of his ten sons joined hundreds of other fathers and sons in filming the scene.

Courageous is the first film by Sherwood Pictures to receive a PG rating. Craig von Buseck of the Christian Broadcasting Network said that the movie was "beautifully shot in and around Albany, Georgia, home to Sherwood Church.

He finally asks his father, "How am I supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me? Even though he wants to stay true to the promise to his father, Caleb becomes frustrated time and time again.

James Turner Allison Dawson as Mrs. The Duggar daughters acted as extras in a funeral scene at Sherwood Baptist Church that involved several police officers in uniform. The film would likely have cost several times more if they had used professional assistance.

Mitch Temple of Focus on the Family said that, "This brilliantly produced film radiates messages of authentic determination, faith and hope, even for those of us who have felt like giving up on our marriages.

Some scenes were shot in the Dougherty County Jail.

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Turner Taylor Glow as Megan Production[ change change source ] Fireproof was filmed for 30 days over a two-month period between late October and December 14, The majority of the film was shot in Albany and the Dougherty County, Georgia area.

Roughly half of the cast are volunteers from the church, but the other half were through invitation-only audition sessions. Marketing[ edit ] The contemporary Christian band Casting Crowns released a song titled "Courageous" to promote the film with a video featuring scenes from it.

Courageous is the real success story of the weekend For Courageous the producers expanded their search for acting talent. Campbell Sue Holt as Mrs.

Fireproof was released on September 26, in theaters. In order to enhance the quality of the film, the production crew is using a new camera technology, "Red One", by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company.

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Campbell Bill Stafford as Mr. Unfortunately, its delivery is weakened by some rookie acting and excessive dialogue.Watch online full movie: Fireproof () for free.

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In an attempt to save his marriage, A firefighter uses a day experiment known as "The Love Dare". stream movies. CHURCHES Use this movie to help strengthen marriages and couples in your church and community. FIREPROOF is an unprecedented opportunity to communicate God's design for relationships.

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