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The Devil and Tom Walker Analysis

However, Devil tom walker analysis essay cunning devil makes Tom wait so that when it comes time to bargain Tom will be more desperate and therefore more willing to accept bad terms. The narrator uses the description of the inlet and swamp to suggest the themes and establish the tone for the story: But Tom is no friend: Old Scratch does not appear for some time, Devil tom walker analysis essay, and, when he does, he seems reluctant to discuss the treasure.

The land jobber says that his family will be ruined, but Tom retorts that charity begins at home, that he must take care of himself during these hard times. Tom himself is not described in detail and is given such stock traits as greed and hypocrisy.

Tom later knows he can trust Old Scratch because Absalom dies. As in the past, so now: The detail of the still-existing holes under the trunks gives the story a sense of being historical, of being true. One hot afternoon, dressed in a white linen cap and silk morning gown, Tom is about to foreclose a mortgage.

It is said, however, that the swamp and Indian fort are haunted by a spirit on horseback wearing a white cap and morning gown. Tom, who seems to have no conscience and eagerly chases his own damnation, draws the line at trading in slaves, which suggests just how morally outrageous and contemptible that profession is.

The black man whisks Tom Devil tom walker analysis essay like a child astride the black horse, which gallops away with him in the midst of a thunderstorm; the clerks in the counting house stare as away their employer goes.

The serious and the comic are juxtaposed. So miserly are the two, in fact, that they even try to cheat each other, the wife hiding valuables like eggs, the husband prying to detect her secret hoard. The final version, getting tricked by the devil, is the most moralistic of the three.

He becomes zealous in church attendance, prays loudly and publicly, keeps an open Bible in his home, and always carries a small one with him. Tom soon recognizes the stranger as the devil, Old Scratch.

Tom and his wife are often described as being fearless when confronted with the devil—far from being heroic, this is evidence of their spiritual blindness, of how little they value even their own lives. Over and over the story shows how society often confuses feigned religious zeal with true moral uprightness.

Tom moves to Boston and becomes successful, exacting hard terms and showing no mercy to those in his debt. Significantly, the names on the doomed trees refer mostly if not entirely to the great men of the colony, implying that to become rich and powerful one must also morally contaminate oneself.

Tom looks around and sees that on most of the trees about are carved the names of the great men of the colony. Summary Analysis A few miles from Boston, Massachusetts, is a deep inlet that winds for miles inland and terminates in a swamp.

Old Scratch, the very embodiment of sin, surprises Tom now, even though Tom has lived in sin all his life. But this Tom adamantly refuses. Tom shrinks back, but he has forgotten his one Bible in his coat pocket, and the other is under the mortgage he was about to foreclose.

Although unhappy about the disappearance of his valuables, Tom is consoled by the loss of his wife. It is darkly humorous that Tom is not afraid of the devil because his wife is so ferocious; but Tom should be afraid, is not only because spiritually blind.

This suggests that the narrator and Irving, the author thinks that literature should both morally instruct and entertain. Tom, however, is not afraid of such things. Finally, though, he agrees to relinquish the treasure if it will be used in his service.

He does not, however, give up his harsh business practices. Tom lies on the trunk of a fallen hemlock for some time, listening to the cry of the tree toad, delving with his walking staff into a mound of rich black earth. Tom balks at sinking that low but agrees to go into business as a moneylender or usurer.

Just then there are three knocks at the door: This inlet is flanked by a beautiful grove on one side and a ridge on the other from which huge oaks grow, under one of which, as the old stories have it, Captain Kidd the pirate buried a great amount of treasure.

Having left the small Bible in his coat and having covered the large one with the mortgage, Tom is helpless to prevent the devil from placing him on the horse, which gallops off down the streets of Boston.

Active Themes A few days pass. When looked at in that way, the colonists are no more moral than the Indians, they are just better at deceiving themselves about their immorality.The Devil And Tom Walker, by Washington Irving Essay - The Devil And Tom Walker, by Washington Irving Washington Irving the author of The Devil and Tom Walker uses the setting of the story to convey that things with a good appearance can be deceiving and be putrid on the inside.

The economic depression works in Tom’s favor because it makes people more desperate to borrow money from Tom, even at bad terms, just as Tom became more and more desperate to strike up a deal with the devil when Old Scratch made him wait to do so. - The Devil’s Role in Paradise Lost, The Bible, Faust, and The Devil and Tom Walker The devil's role as the inspiration for rock-and-roll is already well documented and commonly understood.

Perhaps less well documented is the role. "The Devil and Tom Walker" appropriately appeared in a section called "Money-Diggers," as the tale chronicles the selfish choices of an exceptionally stingy and greedy man.

Historical Context. Irving's piece is a relatively early entry into the many literary works considered Faustian tales—stories depicting greed, a thirst for instant. The Devil And Tom Walker Essay Examples. 20 total results. A Critical Analysis of the Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving.

words. 2 pages. A Report on the Life and Works of Washington Irving. An Analysis of the Novel The Devil in Tom Walker Story by Washington Irving. 2, words. 5 pages.

Washington Irving's classic short story "The Devil and Tom Walker" serves as a warning to readers against the evils of greed and corruption. Its main character, Tom Walker, is.

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