Concept of small group communication in the movie twelve angry men

In other words, I feel the need to incorporate the ethical consideration of diversity more than other members of the organization. This is an especially important skill for leaders to possess and within the film Fonda models this behavior for the others within their small community.

References and Further Reading Beebe, A. Once he realized he was not being attacked personally by the other jury members his ego broke down and he then changed his vote to not guilty.

The unresolved matters however did not stop the jury from moving forward in the deliberation. The same concept of conflict management applied to the rest of the jurors who were involved in simple conflict.

To further this point, Johnson cited ten suggestions for improving listening in a group setting: Once juror three was the last man with a guilty vote, the other jurors calmly looked in his direction and proceeded to convince him that the young man on trial was not guilty.

The process of interaction eventually becomes balanced, as the communication carries on during an adequate time. Positive Leadership and Group Practices Beyond the example of a cooperative community that was established among the jurors in 12 Angry Men, we can draw from the film examples of how leadership can minimize rivalries, constructively integrate opposing views, and contribute to developing effective coalitions.

The opposing views of the jurors were utilized in order to understand differing perspectives. It is likewise essential to pay attention to the connection of the group process with the communication process in this particular movie.

The most important and constructive action that you can take, as a leader, is to establish a sincere dialogue with which everyone can be heard.

This dialogue had a way of allowing the jurors to share the stress with each other. A Cooperative Community Among Divergent Worldviews In the viewing of 12 Angry Men, we get an excellent example of how cooperative communities can be formed among diverse and divergent worldviews. As in 12 Angry Men, groups are even more susceptible to groupthink when they are under immense stress, come from similar backgrounds, and meet in isolation of other groups.

Introduction The film, 12 Angry Men, provides many practical themes including moral courage, argumentation, critical thinking, the value of human life, and stereotypes Johnson, Due to the requirements of a unanimous jury, the decision of Fonda forces the other jurors to come together toward a solution.

He was the forth to vote not guilty and his reasoning appeared sincere. Kouzes and Posner agree that listening is both fundamental and important: The impact of groupthink can lead to ineffective and unethical group decision making.

Group Conflict in the Film 12 Angry Men

Thus, it is significant to identify the exact manner in which Henry Fonda the 8th Juror formed a cooperative community within the vastly different worldviews present in the deliberation process.

Each of the conflicts displayed in the film affected the jury in one way or another to vote not guilty. The fifth juror was a younger man and he was also engaged in simple conflict with the rest of the jury.

It was at this point that juror three realized he was not being personally attacked by the other men there. Creative and innovative members of a community are more likely to consider a more wide range of ideas in an effort to develop the most effective solution that will be accepted by the widest range of individuals.

The Role of Group Dynamics: An Analysis of 12 Angry Men

In the small group of twelve jurors, each member of the jury is involved in at least one of the three types of conflict. He was the fourth juror and was self-assured that his decision was correct and that the defendant had murdered his father.

Fonda exhibits this skill as he works, through effective dialogue, to understand the background, needs, and feelings of the other jurors. The members were nearly all unanimous about the guilty decision at the outset of the case examination.

Thus, leading to a greater community.A Small Group Analysis of ’12 Angry Men’ Set in a large U.S. city, in the ’s, Twelve men of a jury are sequestered in a room and are unable to leave until a weighty decision is made, one that will either condemn a young man to death or set him free.

Custom Communication Concept in

Group Dynamics: 12 Angry Men. No description by John Castillo on 20 March Tweet. Comments (0) 12 Angry Men Cohesiveness Symptoms of a Cohesive Group ~ High Interaction Levels ~Friendly, Supportive Communication Climate ~Desire to Conform to Group Expectations ~Use of creative, Productive Approaches to Achieve the Goal.

May 02,  · The film Twelve Angry Men was a testament to conflict benefiting group communication. The conflict the jury experienced helped the twelve men to arrive at a consensus to set a young man free from an unjust ultimedescente.coms: 1.

Consensus and 12 Angry Men. I recently watched a dramatic “case study” on group behavior and communication: the movie 12 Angry Men. The movie shows how one individual shaped and ultimately changed the direction of a group decision. 12 Angry Men Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for 12 Angry Men is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Feb 12,  · Group Communication in 12 Angry Men were many elements of group communication involved in this movie, including the role of nonverbal behavior, power struggles, ethical concerns, critical thinking, turn-taking, and a host group communication or work retrieves a memory from some type of work group assembled.

Concept of small group communication in the movie twelve angry men
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