Compare the role of reason and imagination in at least two areas of knowledge

Reason We make sense of the world through eight ways of knowing: The human sciences are another area of knowledge in which imagination and reason play a significant role.

Discoveries made by linguists regarding intuitions in indigenous knowledge communities also highlight the interplay between language and intuition. The effect would be The Reserve Bank of Australia increasing interest rates.

Your site gave my extended essay a plan on how to go about it and made the journey simpler. Kant Critique of Pure Reason establishes imagination as a mediator between sense perception and concepts, something between sense and thought. But is reason enough on its own? By using inductive reasoning reasoning with prior experience of mathematical functionsmathematicians plugged in values for -1 in quadratic equations, to verify their findings.

Again, mathematical calculations can keep a check on these false mathematical intuitions, which in this instance originates from informal reasoning. It seems that our intuition and even reason finds it hard to deal with this exponential increase of probabilities Arp, p. However, only 23 people are needed to have a 50 per cent chance of having someone in the room with a shared birthday.

Reasoning, which Hume will defend, holds that evaluative responses are neither true nor false to a work of art yet some are better than others. Mathematical calculations can offer a check on wrong intuitions. Survival instinct, for example, being one of them. The low probabilities of the occurrence of shared birthdays when there are only a couple of people in the experiment seem logical to us.

Forum Ways of Knowing: Does reason really drive us to better human beings? However, such truths are known as a priori, since they apply with universal necessity to all of the objects of our experience, without having been derived from that experience itself.

To what extent do ways of knowing prevent us from deluding ourselves? One could argue, however, that nurture rather than nature plays a role here.

Our intuitions are shaped by this instinct and it is important to listen to good intuitions when you have to make quick decisions which may or may not guarantee your survival.

The TOK guide states that: Hume also suggests that if a work of art converges many taste this signifies a work of genius. In the area of mathematics, Kant believed that imagination and reason were both equally important in order to develop necessary foundations for human knowledge.

Reason also drives our search for patterns and exceptions, which may be used to create models and even predictions in a range of disciplines.

Reason is of huge importance within the search for knowledge of scientists, mathematicians and historians.

the roles played by reason and imagination in at least two Areas of Knowledge.

In the context of TOK, it may be worth exploring the role of and value attached to intuition within a range of knowledge communities. Intuition and instinct are not the same thing, but because there are similarities regarding the immediacy of cognition, the concepts are sometimes used interchangeably.

It is used in electronics for oscillators, in engineering for periods of cranks and simple harmonic motion, to say the least.

Compare the roles played by reason and imagination in at least two areas of knowledge Essay

Thus, we cannot do experiments on people as there are issues regarding morality, however, imagination, although not used as often in the human sciences, is the prime founder of theories that are applied, like in economics. Thus, according to Hume, we cannot help but dismiss the taste of anyone who prefers a minor artist such as the Australian artist Brett Whiteley to the famous French artist, Matisse.

Intuition is indeed, to some extent, based on reason as a way of knowing. The founding of Imaginary numbers required the use of imagination with the aid of background knowledge. Keep up the great work! Your blog has been a fabulous resource! Forum Ways of Knowing: Definitely recommending to all my peers.

A good processing of patterns of emotion through past experiences helps us to empathise and intuitively understand what is the right thing to do.Oct 16,  · Scientific investigations rely on formal, scientific knowledge and experience accumulated over many years.

Compare the roles played by reason and imagination in at least two areas of knowledge.

Many scientists choose to work within the context of known knowledge and only push the envelop into new territory from currently known constructs and presumed Resolved.

Knowledge Questions in International Baccalaureate Subjects. What role does perception play in different areas of knowledge?

Reason (Key words: inductive logic, deductive logic, rationalism) Is reason objective and universal? Can reason and imagination work together? Does all knowledge require some kind of rational basis? Imagination is used more in art, reason is used more in the human sciences and in mathematics both reason and imagination play an equal role.

Still, in all areas of knowledge imagination is used to propose a theory in the metaphysical world and reason is used to verify it in the real world, an irrefutable fact. Compare The Roles Played By Reason And Imagination In At Least Two Areas Of Knowledge.

Tok Compare and contrast the roles played by reason and imagination in Art and Science Reason and imagination, also if opposite, are two important ways of knowing, and we use them in science and in art as well. Nov 19,  · okay so this is my tok topic Compare the roles played by reason and imagination in at least two Areas of Knowledge Did anyone do this for their tok essay.

Reason and imagination are two entirely different things, but they are not separate. In human science like history, reason is prevalent but imagination is also there. In the Arts, imagination is the more dominant of the two, but reason still has an important role.

Compare the role of reason and imagination in at least two areas of knowledge
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