Classroom management dissertations

Pupils expected the same rule to be in force when I was teaching. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Other strategies discussed include withitness, reaction, mindfulness, learning to forecast problems, developing student personal efficacy.

Dissertation on Classroom Management

This essay offers ideas and suggestions for developing such a plan. Several relevant instructional programs are explained as are the productive outcomes of the typical positive discipline approach.

They rely on interpersonal skills and promote good behaviour instead of punishing bad. Further, data suggested that various variables, such as gender, grade level taught, years of teaching experience, and level of education, may have influenced teacher perception and use of positive and negative classroom management techniques as effective.

Psychologists who criticise this method regard the reward system as a form of bribery. As a result of his boredom, pupil A begun to misbehave by drawing attention to himself, talking whilst I was presenting the work, fidgeting and bothering other pupils.

The writer then describes what is thought to be the best classroom management model for this particular situation. All of these topics and more are discussed in this paper that will be of great use to those in the education field.

For example it has been proven such a successful and powerful technique of behaviour modification, that it can be used to modify behaviour in order to suit the teacher in question. Cox-Petersen, Anne Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of elementary school teachers in public schools in Southern California regarding their use of classroom management techniques, specifically examining physical and psychological practices to maintain classroom discipline.

Punitive schools were found to promote poor behaviour Galvin, Costa and Mercia. Classroom Management Suggested Solutions A 3 page paper offering suggested solutions for implementing a school-wide plan targeting increasing classroom disruptions.

In an influential report known as the Elton Report Moritimore et al it is defined that to promote good behaviour teachers must accentuate the positive and focus on people. I quickly learnt that motivation and enjoyment plays an enormous part in how a pupil will behave in a lesson.

The public recognition of good work made pupils work hard on the understanding that if their work reached a high standard they too will be able to read it back to the class. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources. In Llangoed, they adopted a form of behaviour policy that involves the whole school operating on a reward system that was to encourage good behaviour.

When confronted with a challenging task, pupil A would go about his work in and complete the task without drawing attention to himself. Sometimes the fault can be found on the teacher as much as the pupil.

Bibliography lists 6 sources. For example, pupil A was a hardworking pupil with above average attainment. Bibliography lists 1 source. I asked that pupil to read his work out for the rest of the class to hear.

The bibliography cites 24 sources. This teacher demonstrated knowledge and skills in averting potential problems. All of these topics and more are discussed in this paper that will be of great use to those in the education field. If you need a custom written dissertation, dissertation proposal or any chapter of your dissertation on any topics, EffectivePapers.

Conversely, they perceivednegative classroom management techniques as ineffective. For example, research consistently concludes that students in cooperative learning classrooms achieve higher academic test scores, higher self-esteem, learn more positive social skills, hold fewer stereotypes of individuals of other races or ethnic groups, and gain greater comprehension of the content and skills being studied.

Bibliography lists 5 sources. Politeness with the pupils not only sets a good example, but also breeds a good working relationship amongst pupil and teacher, and also pupil and pupil.classroom management approaches of primary school teachers a thesis submitted to the graduate school of social sciences of middle east technical university.

The Effect of Teacher-Identified Classroom Management. by.

Teacher perceptions of classroom management practices in public elementary schools

Monica Rose Root. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the. requirements for the degree of. classroom management and how those improvements might impact my perception of student behavior. Specifically, I focused on the areas of transitioning and behavior management.

Since the focus of the study was on researching my own classroom management approach, the research was conducted through a qualitative self-study. Classroom management-a systematic instructional process used by teachers to guide students toward successful rule compliance in the classroom, on.

Research Database is a platform for academics to share research papers. Research has shown that classroom management is one of several elements that are critical to student learning. It is also known that use of positive classroom discipline is of extreme importance to classroom management.

Classroom management dissertations
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