Beetle case study

Through interviews with industrial designers they discovered peoples natural attraction and assumptions to circular shapes. VW had to decide where to position the new Beetle. The types of publications they would choose would depend on the publications circulation figures and target market.

They perceived the car to be a statement of individulaity, fun, daring, for someone who is daring and not snobbish. The pricing of the car as mentioned in the case study was always an issue of contention. The disadvantages would be: The Beetle could still be counterculatural and used in the modern quest for individuality.

Recollecting primary data was probably length but essential in my opinion as the modern car buyer and extent of affiliation to the VW brand may have change since the last time VW commission research.

The company had provided the following in the new car and the following features were kept in the car. Pricing of the Car: Affordability was one of the key factors as against most of the other German cars makers who represented only the high end of the Segment.

Advertisement campaign for the New Beetle VW marketing team and advertising agency has to accept the challenge to maximize the impact of brand with the limited advertising budget. The appeal of the new Beetle was mainly the Retro looks with new advanced features. There are two positioning options: Television media had the maximum coverage but the cost of the same was not affordable within the budget.

The Company also focused on more unique individualistic driving experience.

Beetle: The Birth, Growth, Death and Revival of a Cult Brand

Q 2 What is the appeal of the new Beetle? With the potential to out price the majority of people within this target. Should the Beetle have elected TV as their main media, the positioning would have affected the choice of TV programmes, channels and potentially times in which the commercials would have been aired.

Even the company had to decide as to which media to be considered for mass appeal and reach. Also the car had to have the best and the latest of the German Technologies and offer superior driving performance.

The media in which the Beetle would be promoted would also be affected. How would you evaluate the different positioning options? Highlighting its affordable German engineering through a campaign displaying a more unique, more connected, different lifestyle.

But they found specifically, and more interesting that they all shared very similar attitudes.

Beetle Case Study

The products of the company were Invitational, approachable and not exclusionary. Why was the current advertising campaign a success? They represent completeness, wholeness that mant are draw to. The changing preference to larger cars within this age bracket, such as SUVs and Pick-ups.

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What is the meaning of the VW Brand? Arnold Communications undertook extensive market research in order to understand the modern VW buyer and their position in the industry.The New Beetle Case Study Essay Words | 2 Pages back, Volkswagen’s decision to switch advertising agencies—from DDB Needham to Arnold Communications (AC)—was a critical step in the company’s comeback bid.

The New Beetle Case Study

The case narrates the story of the German automobile company Volkswagen and its Beetle brand of passenger cars. Beetle's emergence as a successful, cult brand between the late s and early s is examined in detail.

The case discusses the brand positioning, advertising and promotional strategies adopted for the Beetle brand in the. Beetle Case Study Question 1: Why was the current advertising campaign a success? In Volkswagen had record low sales but by the.

The New Beetle Bernhard Persterer, Romy Lebert, Valentin Philibert, Valentine Trouilleux The New Beetle communication-message „On. Case study: why so many beetles?

If you were to randomly pick an extant animal species, odds are that it would be a beetle. While there aredescribed species of plants, 12, described species of roundworms, and only 4, described species of mammals, there are overbeetle species described, with many more beetles.

Volkswagen Hitler chose to sponsor an all new, state owned factory. The engineer chosen for the task was Ferdinand Porsche. Erwin Komenda, the longstanding Auto Union chief designer, developed the car body of the prototype, which was recognizably the Beetle 1/5(1).

Beetle case study
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