Academic writing ielts topics for speaking

Do people in your country use the Internet a lot? Do you think dictionaries are useful for learning a language? Is fashion important to you now? Do you enjoy participating in any sports? Has your daily routine changed since you were a child? Tell me about your daily routine?

Is tourism popular in a particular season in your country? What kinds of flowers would you like to receive as a present? What type of television programs do you like to watch? What types of animals do you have in your country? Do people like the weather in your country?

Does the weather affect the way that you feel? What are the benefits of planting more trees?

IELTS Speaking practice tests

What kind of clothes did the bride and groom wear? Do you prefer paper or electronic dictionaries? What do you like to do when you go out? Should dogs be left in the house alone while their owners are at work? Do the kinds of outside activities people do in your country change when the weather changes?

Describe the wedding ceremony. Do you think children in your country watch too much television? Where is your hometown? What language is spoken here?

IELTS Academic Writing Practice Tests

What kind of music is popular in your country? Have a passion for astrophysics? How has tourism changed your country? What do you enjoy most about your work? Are there many trees in your hometown?

How you ever given anybody flowers? How do people celebrate this festival? Which sports are most popular in your country? Also, be sure to look at the word within a sentence to be aware of the way it relates to other words.

What kinds of books do you like to read? What do you think is the best age to start to learn to play a musical instrument? Does the weather affect your mood? What special food is associated with this festival?

Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics 2018

How much time do you spend on your hobby? What are some of your hobbies? Do you like to go on holiday by the sea? Do you have any favourite stores? Do you prefer writing letters or sending emails? How and where do people in your country usually socialize?In the IELTS speaking part 2 test you will be given a task card on a particular topic, and this will include key points that you should talk about.

This section of the Speaking test gives you the opportunity to speak for longer on a topic. There are two types of IELTS test to choose from, IELTS Academic or IELTS General test takers take the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests.

Make sure that you prepare for the correct version of the test. IELTS Speaking Topics: Part 1 – Other Topics. Art. More Sample IELTS Speaking Topics. IELTS Speaking Topics – Part 2; IELTS Speaking Topics – Part 3; Join Beyond Band 6.

Introduction to IELTS Academic Writing IELTS Speaking Tips for Band 7 + Introduction to IELTS Speaking. The post will give you the 10 most common IELTS Writing Task 2 topics. IELTS Writing Topics.

A question my students keep asking, again and again, is ‘What are the most common IELTS writing part 2 topics?’. Sep 02,  · Recent IELTS Exam Questions and Topics January 15, by Liz 8, Comments.

100 IELTS Essay Questions

Share your Recent IELTS Exam Questions: I took an exam today (both LRW and Speaking, academic module) in Moscow, Russia. IELTS is the International English Language Testing System.

It measures ability to communicate in English across all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – for people who intend to study or work .

Academic writing ielts topics for speaking
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